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Read It And Weep 6

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Forced Labour (WP/WF/WCA), Welfare, Entitlements and General


The Impact of Welfare Reform in Dumfries and Galloway
Work Programme contracts at ‘high risk’ of cancellation
Barnardo's denies claims it participates in 'mandatory work activity'
PAC report shows Work Programme is helping just 1 in 28 people back into work

Welfare reform and the vilification of the ‘undeserving poor' 

Welfare reform is sector's biggest concern in 2013

Lib Dems want distance from welfare reform
Localising the Work Programme

New ‘Back to Work’ Workfare Regulations: Jobcentre Decision Makers Guide published

New workfare regulations: The Jobseekers Allowance (Schemes for Assisting Persons to Obtain Employment) Regulations 2013 (SI 2013/276)

***** The Jobseeker’s Allowance (Schemes for Assisting Persons to Obtain Employment) Regulations 2013 ***** 


Benefits for people looking for work
Appeal to overturn Back to Work (workfare) sanctions issued before 12th Feb 2013
Early signs are that the Work Programme is delivering value for money says ERSA

CBI responds to public accounts committee report on work programme

The Work Programme Is Not Working - It Needs Fixing - And Swiftly (HP)

The Work Programme isn't working
Bedroom tax protestors to target One Vision Housing
The Jobseeker's Allowance Skills Conditionality Pilot
Charities focus on failings of Work Programme Report confirms Crisis’ warning about Work Programme

Team offers masterclass in landing the right job
Why is the Work Programme failing?

Work Programme excludes specialist provision, says research
Don’t just criticise the Work Programme, encourage more employers to take it up, CIPD tells MPs

NPC to government: Don’t repeat Work Programme mistakes
MPs: Work Programme extremely poor
Teenager slams Government back to work programme (BM)

Mark Hoban: “Sometimes, work experience is just what you need”
Are employers up to speed on failing Work Programme? 

British Gas to create 1,000 skilled jobs for young trainees (Telegraph)

Work programme farce must end now

Welfare reform or unfair reform? (Guardian)
UPDATE: PCS calls for work programme to be scrapped

Work programme farce must end now (BT)

Work Programme for UK unemployed is failing, report says
Work Programme Doesn’t Work!

A difficult time for IDS

Now MPs think the work programme is not fit for work

Government’s Work Programme is 'worse than doing nothing'

Is Workfare Behind the Work Programme Disaster?

MPs blast government’s flagship Work Programme ~ only 3.6% of claimants moved off benefits into sustained employment

Welfare to work scheme failing, say MPs

Work programme failure: Finger pointed at payment-by-results 
Work Programme not fit for purpose (HS)
Mehdi's Morning Memo: Does The Work Programme, Er, Work? (HP)

CBI responds to Public Accounts Committee report on the Work Programme
Is the Work Programme working? No, say MPs (NS)

Work Programme Cost More Jobs Than It Has Created, Say MPs (HP)

Welfare-to-work scheme performance 'abysmal' (BBC)
MPs: Work Programme extremely poor (LS)

Job seekers could have fared better without Work Programme, say MPs
Work Programme providers 'parking' hardest-to-help, warn MPs
Pensions - Articles - DWP: Work Programme outcome statistics
Report examines performance of the Work Programme (PAC)

Department for Work and Pensions: Work Programme outcome statistics (PAC)
Work Programme facing new crisis as failing firms threatened with losing contracts (Telegraph)

MPs blast government's flagship Work Programme (Guardian)

Cameron's Back-to-Work scheme branded £5bn failure as only 3.6% of claimants found lasting jobs (Daily Mail)

Welfare-to-work scheme 'is failing' (BBC)
Worthless for the workless: Flagship scheme finds jobs for just 20 people out 9,500 (Mirror)
Workfare: Unexpected Intern in the bagging area (NS)

Welfare to work 'failing Birmingham' with 3.2% finding jobs

Work Programme failing hard to employ people

Welfare to Work Conference: Get Your Sponsorship in Now!

Jobcentre Plus Work Programme Exposed!
Sedgemoor 'ready-for-work' programme is getting results

The latest unemployment figures – still more questions than answers
Charities Say Millions Without Internet Access Will Face Benefits Strug

Generation debt: Unemployment leaving under-25s struggling with debt
Half Of Urban Kids In Poverty

BBC News – ‘Bedroom tax’ rules re-examined

Short Term Benefit Advances 
Letter to the Information Commissioner
Eight Costa Coffee jobs attract 1,700 applications

Wages and productivity falling despite positive unemployment figures

Ofgem blasted as they warn energy bills are set to soar yet again
Unemployment falls to 2.5 million

Unemployment down 14,000 to 2.50 million
LISTEN: Iain Duncan-Smith’s Explosive Row With James O’Brien
Jonty's "tweets are protected"

Progressives can win the debate on welfare
A mother of 11 housed in a ‘mansion’? Spare us this modern morality tale

Minister Fears Housing Benefit Plan Risks Rise In Homelessness
Atos Healthcare Announces The Organisations Who Will Deliver New Disability Benefit
#Atos is a Govt healthcare provider and you have the legal right to complain about them. Read how! #wca #esaSOS #ukmh
Work Programme ruling means sanctions can be appealed

Court of Appeal strikes down Work Programme Regulations
Appeal to overturn Back to Work (workfare) sanctions issued before 12th Feb 2013
The Sue Ryder charity and its sinister Orwellian doublethink
Sue Ryder position statement on the Department for Work and Pensions' backto- work schemes (commonly known as Workfare)
We Make Millions From Forcing Sick and Disabled to Work Unpaid Boast Sue Ryder

Workfare does not work and is not fair

Work in progress (Guardian)

The Work Programme's only success is at 'creaming and parking' (Guardian)

Work programme is failing hard to reach groups

Vulnerable jobseekers in work programme ignored

A4e and Medskills sign an MoU to co-design training for 5,000 Patient Care Assistants

Bedroom Tax – the 2.9 bed house revisited – Why it needs much more consideration than wait and see!
'Parking' of hardest Work Programme cases with charities is endemic, says study (TS)
***** Does sector matter? Understanding the experiences of providers in the Work Programme (TSRC) *****

'Creaming and parking’ are inevitable side effects of Work Programme, research suggests
Work Programme excludes specialist provision, says research

Most vulnerable jobseekers 'too costly' for Work Programme providers

Most vulnerable jobseekers 'too costly' for Work Programme providers (Guardian)

Work Programme providers plead poverty (NS)
Benefits changes put 80 Shropshire Council jobs at risk (SS)

Even A4E Tutor thinks Workfare is wrong
Instruct SFO to investigate activities of A4E

Labour: 40 days to show you believe in paid work
Bedroom Tax – If KHT can do it, why can’t my landlord?
Bedroom Tax – The Tories new strategy – more known lies that Joe Public laps up
Bedroom Tax – Oh the ‘people’ are discussing this bedroom tax – I’d better write about it!

15th February 2013: : Armed Forces Independence Payment to be introduced from 8 April 2013
Ian Duncan Smith Workfare Propaganda 
DWP the rushed out letter

Mandatory Work Activity, Workfare and Sanctions
New Workfare Regulations 14/2/13
The Case of the Disappearing Workfare Scheme

CAP - has it been abandoned? 
Million Jobs: The group with links to IDS's think tank which is defending workfare
Invitation: exposing W2W

A lesson in taxation for Smith and Shapps

Welsh low-middle income families hit hardest by welfare reforms

*****  The Work Programme: Experience of Different User Groups - UNCORRECTED TRANSCRIPT OF ORAL EVIDENCE   *****

Food Poverty ‘Puts UK’s International Human Rights Obligations In Danger’
News: Update for Work Programme customers
Majority of public want to maintain or increase welfare spending, according to new poll

The public don't support further welfare cuts
Between a rock and a hard place? Iain Duncan Smith challenged by geologists over Poundland case comments – UK Politics – UK – The Independent
''Some think they're above work schemes''

IDS - graduates not too good to work in supermarkets
Shelf-stacking and IDS

How consumer boycotts have overtaken the shop floor in the struggle against corporate tax avoidance, power and exploitation
Illegal use of B&Bs to house homeless people soars by 800%

Tories Lead Hall Of Shame For Illegal Housing Of Homeless

How To Turn A Housing Crisis Into A Homeless Catastrophe
Atos Subcontracts Tests For New Disability Benefit To NHS
Internship, Reed

Iain Duncan Smith’s Licence To Kill

Cancer Patients Face Cash Cut Under Benefits Bill, Say Charities
Poverty Map Shows How Cuts In Benefits Will Hurt Children
As above, so below: Right-wing attacks on free speech and protest
List Of Workfare Companies 
IDS Says ‘Shelf Stacking Is More Important Than Geology’

Iain Duncan Smith: Shelf-Stacking As Important As A Degree
Duncan Smith: Shelf-stacking more important than geology (BBC)

Iain Duncan Smith: shelf-stacking as important as a degree (Guardian)

MP in tribute to staff at A4e base

Exciting Work Programme and Enterprise Opportunity
Charities delivering services for the Work Programme are 'poorly supported'
Bedroom tax: Pensioners WILL lose out (Mirror)

Universal Credit


Universal Credit (UC)
Universal Credit Rates 2013/2014 (Monthly)
Universal Credit Social landlords outsource direct debits ahead of Universal Credit
LGC View - Universal credit

Universal Credit and Travel to Work Distance (FOIR)

Universal credit

Northern Ireland Universal Credit Information Booklet

Universal Credit still on track‚ says Whitehall IT chief

Universal Credit - questions and answers
Universal Credit Drives Credit Union Adoption of Contis Group’s credEcardplus
Universal Credit, how will it work?
Doughty, S - Universal Credit (Wales)
Universal Credit
Single parents and universal credit: singled out?
Universal credit
ALMO chooses allpay to manage direct debits ahead of Universal Credit
Universal Credit has the hallmarks of another IT failure
Universal Credit - Local Support Services Framework
How will Universal Credits affect your business?
Free Universal Credit training from Gingerbread
Universal Credit: Who decides what is “vulnerable”?
Universal Credit and Pitchford – good move or a potential conflict of interest?
Universal Credit Guidance on personal budgeting support (DWP)
Choosing a bank account for your Universal Credit payment
Changes to benefits: Your questions answered - Universal credit 
Commute three hours a day or lose benefits, jobseekers are told in tough new plan (Daily Mail)

Benefit reforms: blatant discrimination against young parents (Telegraph)

Will Universal Credit be a government IT disaster or prove lessons were learnt?
Govt fear Universal Credit disaster

Welfare Reform - Universal Credit
Universal Credit: housing chief slams direct payments as 'daft'

In practice: Oldham MBC
Local support for universal credit claimants
Claimant categories that could qualify for extra support

Good luck to David PItchford with Universal Credit….

Universal Credit explained

Draft Universal Credit (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2013: Draft Universal Credit Regulations 2013
Universal Credit: Guidance on personal budgeting support (DWP)

Not everyone is on the internet, Iain Duncan Smith (Guardian)

Universal Credit - Local Support Services Framework

Universal Credit

Welfare reforms in doubt after troubleshooter takes over (Telegraph)

Government brings in trouble-shooter to get its Universal Credit benefits programme on track before launch (Independent)

Pitchford to head-up Universal Credit programme
Universal Credit exceptions for vulnerable claimants announced

11 February 2013 – Freud/LGA: Supporting vulnerable claimants on Universal Credit - DWP

Major Projects chief put in charge of Universal Credit

UC - An Introduction Direct payments to landlords prioritised in Universal Credit exceptions

Universal credit: more tenants face eviction and rent arrears (Guardian)

Contis signs credit unions to credEcardplus
Universal Credit FAQ
Universal Credit Regulations 2013 — Motion to Approve

Peers refuse to sanction criticism of universal credit

Welfare reform SI approval motions Universal Credit and related regulations, House of Lords (CAB)
Universal credit - launches in October 2013

Councils must prepare for the unexpected as universal credit rolls out (Guardian)

DWP will rule on Universal Credit direct payment exceptions

Councils to help people claim Universal Credit online
Universal Credit
Welfare changes: tenants get explanatory video
Universal Credit News
Welfare reform SI approval motions Universal Credit and related regulations, House of Lords

Universal Credit timetable

Universal Jobmatch


Universal Job Match Briefing
Are you a Jobseeker and want to Gain Universal Jobmatch ICT Skills?

Universal Jobmatch still mandatory or not?
Universal Jobmatch
Mandating to Universal Jobmatch: Update (PCS)

Plymouth Advice Centre for Employment runs courses on using Government's Universal Jobmatch site (TID)

Claimants 'must use' job website (E&S)

Universal Jobmatch mandatory from Monday 4 March 
Universal Jobmatch Goes Mandatory
EU e-Privacy Directive and Internet Access Devices (FOIR)

Mandation and Universal Jobmatch (FOIR)
Universal Jobmatch made mandatory, from Monday 4th March 2013?
Universal Jobmatch: Jobseeker Directions being issued
Universal Jobmatch - Update

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Some Problemo

CRB Problems Ltd

"Have you ever been unable to find work or have lost a job opportunity due to information on your CRB report?

CRB Problems Ltd specialises in Applications to review Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) reports.




No connection or endorsement, just for readers' information.


Monday, 18 February 2013

You Can Run ...

18th February 2013

Delays to reforms to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

"We're disappointed to announce that this morning we've received notification from the Government that the changes to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, due to come into force in Spring 2013, have been delayed. The Ministry of Justice provided us with the following:

"As you know, the commencement of the reforms are dependent on the necessary system changes being in place so that basic disclosure certificates for England and Wales will reflect the new rehabilitation periods. We had been aiming to commence the reforms by April 2013, however, it will not be possible to achieve the necessary system changes by that date and we are now looking at commencement in November.""


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Actuarially False

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Showdown looming over predictive accuracy of actuarials

"Large error rates thwart individual risk prediction

If you are involved in risk assessments in any way (and what psychology-law professional is not, given the current cultural landscape?), now is the time to get up to speed on a major challenge that's fast gaining recognition.

At issue is whether the margins of error around scores are so wide as to prevent reliable prediction of an individual's risk, even as risk instruments show some (albeit weak) predictive accuracy on a group level. If the problem is unsolvable, as critics maintain, then actuarial tools such as the Static-99 and VRAG should be barred from court, where they can literally make the difference between life and death."

"From both clinical and legal perspectives, it is arbitrary and therefore inappropriate to rely solely on a statistical algorithm developed a priori - and therefore developed without any reference to the facts of the case at hand - to make decisions about an individual, especially when the decision may result in deprivation of liberties. Instead, good practice requires a flexible approach, one in which professionals are aware of and rely on knowledge of the scientific literature, but also recognize that their decisions ultimately require consideration of the totality of circumstances - not just the items of a particular test."

10/07/2003. Reissued 20/04/05 

Offender Assessment and Sentence Management - OASys

"Q: How accurate is the risk predictor?

A: The risk predictor is what is known as an actuarial or statistical risk assessment tool. The risk predictor has been extensively tested and it has been found to be very reliable. Research on similar tools also suggests that they are at least as accurate as clinical judgements. It should, however, be borne in mind that a score on the scale defines the probability that an offender in general with that history of offending will be reconvicted. It does not define the probability that the specific individual offender will be reconvicted. The scale can only be an aid to judgement and one aspect of risk assessment. Other factors also have to be taken into account when assessing the risk posed by a particular offender."


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Remarkable experiment proves pull of adversarial allegiance

"Psychologists' scoring of forensic tools depends on which side they believe has hired them.

A brilliant experiment has proven that adversarial pressures skew forensic psychologists' scoring of supposedly objective risk assessment tests, and that this "adversarial allegiance" is not due to selection bias, or preexisting differences among evaluators."


The Naziesque JSAg Is Here - The Universal Credit Claimant Commitment - A Document Which Compels You To Lie, If You Wish To Live

Posted on February 15, 2013 

Under Universal Credit (UC), Jobsearch (work search) commitments can be up to 35 hours per week, specimen UC Comittment forms and associated documents below:

“My work search and preparation plan I’ll spend 35 hours each week looking and preparing for work. This will include all the activities and actions in this plan.”
From: AWRJoanneBrownAnnex1.docm


I. The Universal Credit Claimant Commitment. 8 p.
II. Universal credit claimant commitment: worked examples of the claimant commitment. 4 docs.
III. Earned income – self employed earnings. 24 p.
IV. Permitted expenses: conditions for deducting permitted expenses. 8 p. 

Claimant Commitment


TOPIC: New 35 hour per week Job Search commitments confirmed (UM)



Well, It Is A Start (Again)

Wednesday 6th February 2013, 2:21pm

SFUK Partnership with Home Office and Clinks

"Building social enterprises focused on providing employment and training opportunities for offenders: Invitation to share your organisation’s learning: up to 20 selected organisations will be paid £2,000 to meet the costs of writing and submitting a case study by the end of March 2013."

February 13, 2013

Richard Branson talks about employing women offenders 

 "Watch Richard Branson talking in this video to a Business Breakfast at HMP Holloway about why he is a big supported of the charity Working Chance for women offenders. Working Chance was set up in 2007 to assist women offenders in making the transition into the world of work and employment."


Thursday, 14 February 2013

10 Years Later

Exactly ten years ago, as I type, I was just about be banged-up, for the first time in my life, in HMP & YOI Doncaster.

As my safe padmate, flicked on the CD player, and the rhythm of Night Nurse soothed the small space of the prison cell, lying on the top bunk, I smiled at my padmate's Valentine's Day cards and drifted into a much needed sleep ...


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Read It And Weep 5

***** RIAW 4, here: RIAW 3, here: RIAW 2, here: RIAW 1, here.*****



Forced Labour (WP/WF/WCA), Welfare, Entitlements and General


Community Action Programme (CAP) - Enable

Enable is the Voluntary and Community Sector Learning and Skills Consortium serving the East Midlands

Mark Hoban's totalitarian tendencies

Amazon 'used neo-Nazi guards to keep immigrant workforce under control' in Germany (Independent)
Claim back your pay - 'Interns'
Atos nurses were told: ‘You’re too nice to work here’
Being sent on workfare? Tell us where using the Name & Shame form
Workfare a quick update

The Work Programme
Media comment: Time to put the Work Programme out of its misery

Three more arrests over alleged fraud at A4e

Changes To The Benefit Appeals Process Could Put People’s Health And Safety At Risk
Bedroom Tax and pensioners – CIH deceiving with misinformation
Bedroom Tax and reclassification of properties – a way to avoid this pernicious tax?

Bedroom Tax – significant new developments and challenges emerge

67,000 pensioners to be hit by bedroom tax
Government report: poverty not caused by being poor (this is not satire)

Ministers accused of downplaying income in measure of child poverty

We need more evidence on child poverty, not a more confusing definition of it
Tory MP tweets joke about Reeva Steenkamp’s death. Then desperately tries to delete it.
Senior Ministers To Oppose More Welfare Cuts
How to live cheaply - some American ideas

Churches Stepping In To Fill Gap Left By Welfare Cuts
Removal Of Legal Aid For Welfare Cases Slammed In The House Of Lords
Welfare Cash Card Bill Withdrawn

Food Stamps Abandoned … For Now

VICTORY…….Welfare Card is Withdrawn
Welfare Cash Card Bill 2012-13

The Shelbrooke Post

Call for action to prevent evictions caused by benefit changes
600 children living in Washington, DC homeless shelter
Jobless man sets fire to himself at French employment office
The People's Review of the Work Capability Assessment
John Downie: The Work Programme is about handouts to business, not jobs for people 
Ready for Work
I’m Off To A4E
Squeezed Britain in 2013

Hitting the spot…..
Who Takes The Harshest Anti-Welfare Line? Those On State Benefits (Guardian)

4m Brits have never had job: Welfare crisis exposed (The Sun)

The Sun Says (The Sun) ...

Last Updated: 10th February 2013

Wage war on shirkers

"We used to be famous for the Great British worker. Now it’s the Great British shirker.

Today’s investigation will incense those who work long hours and struggle to make ends meet.

At least 200,000 over-65s admit they dodged doing any paid work right up to retirement.

More alarmingly, a third of the four million are aged 18 to 24.

Studies show that those who don’t work by their mid-20s are unlikely ever to get a job.

David Cameron said that too many kids want to be footballers or singing stars. But why should those who can be bothered to get up in the morning be forced to pay for pop idles?

We need doctors, nurses, teachers, car mechanics and road gritters. Most of all we need to rediscover the work ethic.

That’s why Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith must press on with his reform of our cushy benefits system.

It may be too late for a lost generation of couch potatoes happy to live on state handouts and channel surf reality shows.

But our kids are the future — and they need hope. The government can help with apprenticeships, paid internships and higher school standards.

And by ensuring work always pays."

How many people have never worked in their lives?
Minister for Employment visits the Ready for Work programme
Fake self-employment in the Work Programme

Work Programme
Work Programme Employment Advisor - Swadlincote


Universal Credit


Universal Credit: Local Support Services Framework - DWP
Universal Credit – information for local authorities - DWP

900,000 single-parent families to lose out under new benefits system
Universal Credit (Wales)
Department for Work and Pensions publish Universal Credit guidance
Free: Universal Credit Briefing - afternoon session
Contracts by the back door? 

Joint Universal Credit payments for couples
Universal Credit and the Benefit Cap: Lewisham Case Study 
What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit: Local Support Services Framework
Universal Credit Regulations Briefing 8th February 2013

Delegated Legislation Committee - Draft Universal Credit (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2013
Universal Credit: how do you define need?
Universal Credit on time and on budget?
Universal Credit: DWP confirms 'personalised' help and split payments for 'vulnerable'
'Vulnerable' claimants to get help
Support offered to vulnerable Universal Credit recipients
Families offered help to budget for universal credit
Councils to help people claim Universal Credit online


Universal Jobmatch


Fears raised over Jobcentre's new online service which could see jobseekers' benefits cut if they cannot access a computer (DR)


Reilly Good News

Tuesday 12 February 2013 

Taxpayers 'facing multi-million-pound compensation bill' as judges rule back-to-work schemes are unlawful in Poundland test case

"Cait Reilly has won her Court of Appeal claim that requiring her to work for free at a Poundland discount store was unlawful,

She and unemployed HGV driver Jamieson Wilson, from Nottingham, both succeeded in their claims, in the legal aid funded case,

The ruling will not affect the schemes’ existence but will mean the way in which they are written and enforced will need to change,

Lawyers say today's ruling could mean those whose benefits were stripped for refusing part in back-to-work schemes could now reclaim them,

But DWP say it is 'adamant there are no grounds for repayment'."

Neutral Citation Number: [2013] EWCA Civ 66

Court of Appeal Rules that the Government’s “Back to Work” Regulations are Unlawful and Must Be Quashed
Back-to-work scheme ruling explained
This Poundland ruling is a welcome blow to the Work Programme

Landmark workfare ruling, “govt acted unlawfully #workfare is quashed”

Graduate wins court fight that 'slave labour' at Poundland was unlawful
Back-to-work scheme breached laws, says Court of Appeal

Poundland ruling: Back-to-work schemes in disarray as no-pay placements judged unlawful
Poundland ruling 'blows big hole' through government work schemes

"Back-to-work scheme breached laws"

Government training scheme unlawful
Poundland ‘breached forced labour laws’
Graduate’s Poundland victory leaves government work schemes in tatters
Court of Appeal will this morning rule whether ConDem employment schemes constitute forced labour
Back to work schemes quashed in huge victory for ordinary people
Cait Reilly and Jamieson Wilson: Court Rules Workfare Unlawful.
Public Interest Lawyers Limited: Court of Appeal Rules that the Government’s “Back to Work” Regulations are Unlawful and Must Be Quashed
Back-to-work ruling 'undermines welfare reform'

Small Victories

Court of Appeal Rules “Back to Work” Regulations Unlawful And Must Be Quashed
Workfare Is Broken! New Court Ruling and Charity Exodus Are Death Knell For Forced Labour!
Unpaid work scheme is illegal, says court - with comment
Did you turn down Workfare and lose benefits? Claim them back now!

Poundland Made Me Feel Like I Was Free Labour, Says Cait Reilly – Video
DWP Response To Todays #Workfare Judgement

Back-to-work scheme regulations unlawful, not schemes themselves, says expert 

What was the real reason for the work experience decision?

In praise of … Cait Reilly
Politics and the Poundland ruling
The Poundland Principle: The Only Thing To Gain From Unskilled Labour Is A Wage

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Read It And Weep 4

***** RIAW 3, here: RIAW 2, here: RIAW 1, here. *****



Forced Labour (WP/WF/WCA), Welfare, Entitlements and General


Lord Fraud’s Debt Trap Has Been Abandoned As He Begs Local Councils For Help
More people have no qualifications in unemployment blackspots
CPAG responds to consultation on child poverty measurement
Another charity commits not to use workfare
Shocking figures reveal the growth in UK’s wealth gap
More claims that the work programme is cheating disabled people and the taxpayer
Bedroom tax ‘won’t work in Liverpool’
Bedroom Tax row grows as Nicola Sturgeon claims Westminster not working for Scotland
Scrap ‘fitness tests’ targeting sick and disabled people and bring the work back in-house say PCS Union
Back to Work Programme
Subway sack New Addington woman by text message 'after she complains over unfair pay' (CT)
Jersey minister plans sanctions against people leaving jobs early (BBC)


Benefits fears for non-net users 

6th February 2013: HB Circular confirms proposed benefit uprating from April 2013
Housing Benefit Circular

Jobcentre Staff Are Not Social Workers Or Doctors Yet They Now Have More Power Over Vulnerable Lives
The Great Social Fund Robbery

Social Housing Bosses To Be Paid Thousands Per Meeting Whilst Tenants Face Homelessness
Bedroom Tax – Cameron’s bogus argument over fairness at PMQs
Bedroom Tax – Time for some facts about housing
Housing – The false private rented data published by Eric Pickles

Homeless Families Living in £3000 Per Week Hotels Due to Housing Benefit Reforms
Homeless Families Living in £3000 Per Week Hotels Due to Housing Benefit Reforms

Squaring Up to The Bedroom Tax: Resistance Grows Around the UK

Bedroom Tax: Work Longer To Keep Spare Room, Says Pensions Minister – BBC News

Bedroom Tax – The private landlord doesn’t do disability! An equality challenge?
Bedroom Tax – Radio 4 Today Programme and the Gruffalo with webbed feet and forked tongue
Bedroom Tax – Is it Abuse? (I dont mean abusive I mean Abuse!)
Bedroom Tax – How Cameron has lied to and shafted pensioners

The jobs gap – will retail be the next mining?

Client Declaration Forms 
Triage Central Ltd Client Declarations Collection
Ingeus respond to my complaint 
Tick Tock - Watch that Clock! Is it Game Over at 21 for Unemployed?
A new ally in the quest to change the WCA

MPs criticise Work Capability Assessment

Mark Hoban: A message isn’t scaremongering if it’s true

Damning Report On DWP’s Benefit Assessment Contract With Atos Healthcare Published
DWP Must Get To Grips With Benefit Testing, Says Hodge

More spending cuts on the way if coalition is to meet savings targets

Cameron wants care and compassion? He'd do well to show some himself (Guardian)
‘Ten Reasons to Hate the Welfare Cash Card’ ~ A direct attack on equality, dignity and human freedom

DWP Doncaster Jobseekers ‘had not been using loo paper at all’ TWEETS Current A4e Director of Policy & Strategy, former Reality TV toff and Adviser to Cameron
Eek! Referred to A4E for Work Programme - now what!

a4e job search session
MPs hear evidence of Work Programme failures from charities

Karl investigates help available to Lincoln Job-Seekers on the Work Programme
Bedroom tax activists stage protest at LMH offices

Bedroom tax: The heart-wrenching letter from a widow that shames David Cameron

Owen Jones: The bedroom tax is just the latest assault on our poorest citizens
‘Bedroom Tax’: “Dumbfounded by the brutality of the Bill” and Tenants Set to Suffer say Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

Public Accounts Committee Report on the DWP AtoS Contract management of medical services
Fitness for work testing deemed a failure as four out of 10 claimants are wrongly ruled fit to work

DWP to blame for fitness-to-work tests fiasco Commons Public Accounts Committee MPs say
FORMER soldiers will be made homeless and some could die because of the Con-Dem Government’s brutal benefit cuts, shocked MSPs have been told
Judge rules against Council Tax Challenge by Single Mum plunged into abject poverty in Haringey
WRA S.102 Sched.11 ‘Clause 99′ has been introduced from April to ensure wrongful ‘fit-for-work’ decisions are practically impossible to challenge
Public sector ‘steps’ up to provide work placements (LS)

Work Programme Employment Advisor 
Benefits changes spark cuts at Castle & Minster Credit Union

This obsession with outsourcing public services has created a shadow state (Guardian)

DWP insists universal credit plans are 'on track' 
Draft Universal Credit Regulations 2013 - Commons Library Standard Note
Delegated Legislation Committee - Draft Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment, Jobseeker’s Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance (Decisions and Appeals) Regulations 2013
Welfare reform maze leaving claimants ‘in limbo’ (Scotsman)

Welfare Reform Creates ‘Very Sick System’ – BBC Democracy Live (BBC)

Britain’s young strivers have no hope for the future

UK youth face bleak job prospects in 2013
DWP Launches Scheme In Bid To Aid Budding Disabled Entrepreneurs
This Is What Efficiency Savings Look Like: Elderly Woman Dies After Being Left Without Food, Medication, Water or Care
Bedroom Tax – Cameron and toy boys at PMQs
Bedroom Tax – The disabled myth is counterproductive
Freedom lives on! Early February round-up
IMPORTANT! An URGENT Call for YOUR Evidence for Legal Action to Challenge DLA-to-PIP regulations ~ Jane Young wants to hear from YOU

Watch: UK welfare reforms “completely heartless” witnesses today told the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee today
Work and Pensions Committee announces forthcoming evidence session on the Work Programme: experience of different user groups

More claims that the work programme is failing disabled people (BBC)

Boom in over-50s opting to be their own boss (Telegraph)

Self-employment accounts for 'growth' in jobs

The Government's Work Programme Needs Some Work (HP)

With Friends Like The Guardian Benefit Claimants Don’t Need Enemies
Skivers v strivers: the benefits debate explained | Animation (Guardian)

The Benefits Debate Explained. Is It Really Skivers v Strivers?

Strivers v skivers: the benefits debate in numbers
A4e audit (FOIR)

Let's have a proper debate

Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP. Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Kids Company (DWP)
Charities delivering services for the Work Programme are 'poorly supported'
Local government’s hidden talents

Interview questions: are you over-qualified for this job?

Are you overqualified for this job?

Census Report Reveals Bad Health Hotspots In Poorer Areas

Benefit Claimant Targeted By PayDay Loan Scam

Rip-Off Agents ‘Fuel Housing Crisis’

Rip-off agents 'fuel housing crisis'
The Work Programme
Town Hall protest over council’s £10m cuts to adult social care
Government's welfare reforms are all an act
NCVO collaborates with Serco


Universal Credit


Universal Credit pilot study
Families offered help to budget for universal credit
Universal Credit

Universal Credit
Landlord calls for more advice on universal credit
Universal Credit (Wales)
Universal Credit and support to vulnerable claimants
5 February 2013 – Vulnerable claimants will get support they need under Universal Credit, Ministers tell select committee

Universal Credit: Government not seeking to define 'vulnerability'
Universal Credit implementation: meeting the needs of vulnerable claimants
Views sought on impact of Universal Credit

Universal Credit: 'Carefully selected' tenants struggling to cope with direct payments
Universal Credit implementation: Government response to the Work and Pensions Select Committee (DWP)

Universal Credit implementation: meeting the needs of vulnerable claimants — Government response to the Committee’s Report 

Government attacked over continued failure to define 'vulnerable' in Universal Credit plans

Vulnerable claimants to get Universal Credit help - minister

What is universal credit?
Universal Credit information event

Universal credit will “seriously backfire” in Wales – Welsh MP

MPs debate Universal Credit (Wales)
Universal Credit Changes
Wise up: to Universal Credit

Why transitional protection offers far from Universal assurance for Universal Credit claimants

Vulnerable claimants to get Universal Credit help - minister
Universal Credit - frequently asked questions
Universal credit FAQs
Universal Credit, China's moon ambitions and in-car internet speeds

Universal Jobmatch


Funeployment 7 - Universal Job Match 
Universal Jobmatch Key Facts for Benefit Claimant